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The Department has a well equipped computer lab supported with internet via LAN connection using its own VSAT system. At present the lab has 20 numbers of computers with latest software’s and hardware fully dedicated for the development of the students. The focus is on integration of technology in course curriculum through exposure to specialized software such as SPSS, Database, etc.

computer lab


The Department has a library containing more than 5000 books and 1000 magazines and a quite number of journals which are in the hard copy and soft copy format. There are journal which are available online for the students. The library also has some online database. For helping the students in studying the different company profiles, the department has also installed the latest online database like Cygnus.  It has a quite spacious study room for providing the students a nice environment for study. The students can also access the University library as well as study rooms depending upon their interests. Both the libraries are well stocked with textbooks, reference books and other documents.

library library

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