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Various Clubs in the Department


It is a management fest conducted by the students of the Department of Management as a promotional activity of the Department. It was first started in 2008 and is conducted in the month of November every year. It also gives an opportunity to the students who are the budding managers of the future to apply their conceptual ability in the practical field. It is a popular fest in the North Eastern Region of the country as it gives the other management institute of the North East to take part in it. The students conduct various activities like Business Quiz, Paper Presentation, Advertising, Caption Writing, Antakshiri, One Minute Competition, Extempore Speech, etc.


FinaMass is a club demonstrated towards the gathering of the financial situation of the financial market of India. It brings the students to a real situation of understanding the aspect of financial management. The members are devoted to work on the financial analysis of the different companies and study of the ups and down in the share market.


The club’s concept came into existence in 2007. The members greatly involve themselves into the analysis of the marketing environment in the North Eastern Region. The members of the club work on the analysis of the market situation by different techniques like survey, discussion, marketing research projects, etc.


The club focuses on the improvement of the personnel behaviour of the students and the on teaching stuff of the Department. It tries to give them some conceptual basics which help them to work efficiently in the day to day works. It also invites HR personals from different institutes to share their experience with the students.

The Theatre

This club is basically a movie club. In the day to day hectic life the students need some fun. This club organizes a movie session on every Saturday evening for the students. The club put movies which are based on business concepts, motivational concepts and various good movies which can inspire the students to work hard to attain their goal or to start their new ventures.


This club regularly organizes games which are intra-department or inter-department. The games like cricket, table-tennis, volley-ball, etc are conducted. Its main aim is to keep the students active and healthy.

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